Esplanade Amusement Park

Esplanade Amusement Park - Attraction of Szklarska Poreba

Get ready for an unforgettable dose of entertainment and fun at the Esplanada Amusement Park in Szklarska Poreba! It’s a place where adrenaline mixes with joy, and emotions reach their zenith. The Esplanade Amusement Park invites you to a wonderful adventure, full of attractions for the whole family and unforgettable moments spent among numerous entertainments.

The Esplanade Amusement Park in Szklarska Poreba is a place that provides countless moments of joy and fun for all visitors. This dynamic park offers a wide range of attractions that provide adrenaline, excitement and unforgettable memories. It’s the perfect place for great family fun.

The main attraction of the Esplanade Amusement Park is its numerous amusement parks, which offer a variety of attractions for children and adults. Merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, inflatables and much more are prepared for those who want to feel the thrill and entertainment at a high level.

The Esplanade Amusement Park makes sure that there is something for everyone. For the youngest there are special play zones, animation facilities and attractions tailored to their age and abilities. Children can enjoy colorful slides, trampolines, small roller coasters and many other attractions that spark their imagination.

For those looking for a bigger dose of adrenaline, the Esplanade Amusement Park offers extreme attractions such as bungee jumping, high jump towers, a go-kart race track and much more. This is a great opportunity to push your own limits, feel the thrill and experience unforgettable moments.

The Esplanade Amusement Park is also a place to savor flavor and relax. There are numerous food and beverage outlets in the park, offering a variety of snacks, meals and drinks. You can stop for a while, gain strength and enjoy the atmosphere of the park.

Visiting the Esplanade Amusement Park in Szklarska Poreba is a unique opportunity to spend time full of joy, excitement and fun. It’s a place that brings the whole family together, giving everyone the opportunity to find something for themselves. The Esplanade Amusement Park is synonymous with unforgettable moments and smiles on the faces of all visitors.

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